New training occupation "e-commerce clerk" presented by the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

Like many other sectors, e-commerce is also groaning under an acute shortage of skilled workers. In comparison to other industries, however, e-commerce has a hard time simply because there is no classical training for this subject, nor does…

Why Shopware absolutely needs a chatbot

2017 was a year in which the keyword "chatbot" became more and more a topic and many trade media intensively dealt with the development and also the acceptance of chatbots. Especially in the social media channels this topic has spread rapidly.…

Shopware's new Advanced Promotion Suite tested

On 17.02.2016 it was finally time and Shopware has released its new premium plugin "Advanced Promotion Suite". Already some days in advance this new module was made available to us for testing and we thought that we would have a quick look at…

Your e-commerce agency from Berlin


We are your internet agency from Berlin and offer you a broad portfolio with various strategic and operative services. Our core goal is to optimize your individual internet presence. With us you receive, starting with the reorganization of your Shopdesigns, over the production of a professional on-line Shop with Shopware 5 up to the search machine optimization of your side, the complete achievement portfolio of a Full service Internet agency. All contract services are carried out competently and effectively in our company. What distinguishes us from the multitude of other agencies is our focus on design and creation. We deliberately separate the areas of design and programming so that you as our customer receive individual solutions without compromise. Since your long-term success is also important to us, a long-term business relationship with you is very important to us. Shop systems, search algorithms and the needs of the end user are constantly changing. We can already look back proudly on a large number of long-lasting customer relationships and great projects.


By separating the core areas of “programming” and “design”, we offer you excellent IT solutions for your shop backend and front end. But what does design mean? For us design means the fusion of art and functionality. The interaction between them has recently been reorganized, also thanks to the contribution of well-known software giants. The usability of a website is more important than ever and is becoming increasingly important. In modern flat design, common stylistic means such as shading, gradients or ornaments are dispensed with in order to sharpen the focus on website content. Pages and shops that do not follow this new credo are punished by local search engines, such as Google, and sink in the search engine ranking. We develop new design ideas for you, on the one hand to preserve the aesthetics of your website and on the other hand to convince your customers and “Googlebots” of the relevance of your site. In order to fulfil this credo, we make use of the classic design elements and modern “flat design”. We create the perfect symbiosis of “proven” and “innovative” – “successful design”.