Progressive Web App Frontend

At Pixup Media, we are fully committed to the advanced technology of Progressive Web Apps for classic shop front-ends on the desktop, tablet and smartphone. All common browser manufacturers, such as Google, Mozilla, Microsoft or Apple support PWA's and allow extended functions of your shop in the browser. This makes previously unimagined possibilities come true.

That's a PWA

New marketing channel

One of the most important innovations in Progressive Web Apps is the opening of a completely new marketing channel. As with native apps, push notifications can also be subscribed to by the customer. Whether general campaigns, transaction notifications or customer-specific speeches, the combination with our recommendation engine gives your e-commerce business completely new capabilities. Here, too, the use of artificial intelligence is used, because thanks to machine learning, the algorithms are able to estimate better and better over time when the respective customer receives the push notifications in order to increase click rates.

Like a native app

In the mobile segment, PWA's are an exciting addition or even an alternative to the classic app. Your shop can be stored like an app on the customer's smartphone without the need to install it in the App Store. For your customers the shop feels like a native app.


Shops must be performant, especially when a campaign is starting on TV or influencers are reporting on you on Instagram. Thanks to this Vue.js based frontend technology we achieve loading times of less than 0.3 seconds. Your customers and also Google will appreciate this.


Even the use of the shop without Internet is possible in many ways. A customer is surfing through your shop and suddenly the connection is gone. As a rule, the customer has now also been lost. Apart from the actual purchase process (and, of course, individual circumstances), the customer can continue to surf the shop with a PWA frontend even without an Internet connection!

That's why a PWA as a shop front end is the right solution.

Features Responsive Website Native App Progressive Web App (PWA)
Indexable by the search engines (e.g. Google)
Works on all Devices
No download required
Requires no updates
No App Store review necessary
Linkable and shareable
Offline functionalities
Installable on home screen
Push Notifications

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