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At Pixup Media we redefine the frontend

With conventional agencies you can reach your customers here

With Pixup Media your e-commerce system is represented where your customers are!

Automated customer communication,

thanks to the Pixup Media KI chatbot


Revolutionary Shop Frontend Tech -

Progressive Web Apps with Vue.js

At Pixup Media we build every classic shop frontend as a Progressive Web App (PWA) based on Vue.js. Compared to conventional frontend technologies, a PWA offers unbeatable advantages such as a sensational loading time, "app feeling" on mobile devices, offline functionalities and push notifications support.

< 0,3 SEK

High performance loading time


How an app can be used


based push notifications

Smart shop search thanks to artificial intelligence

Pixup Media is one of the few agencies in Germany that has a great deal of expertise in the area of of artificial intelligence in e-commerce. Pixup Media's AI based shop search understands the semantics and context of every written and spoken search query. Thanks to the Machine Learning Algorithm, the search learns with every search query and thus improves itself.


Recommendation Engine

Using artificial intelligence to serve each customer individually

Pixup Meida has programmed its own AI based recommendation engine, which is designed for highest flexibility. In contrast to many other solutions, the Recommendation Engine is not only used within the shop for personalization, but also serves as a basis for all external touchpoints (e.g. a chatbot for Alexa).


The Recommendation Engine is an integral part of every e-commerce project based on Shopware and Spryker, which is implemented by Pixup Media. 


Customer individual 

Start Pages and Landing Pages


Customer-specific sorting 

within the categories


Individual for customers 


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