AI in e-commerce Alexa Flash Briefing a complete success

At the end of January 2019 we published our AI in E-Commerce Alexa Skill. Since then, from Monday to Friday, there are always 3 brand-new news, which can in some way be attributed to the topic of artificial intelligence and e-commerce.

Typical for an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill, the AI's in E-Commerce News (e.g. everything about chatbots, personalization and AI in general) are integrated into the own news. In my home, for example, the day starts with the weather forecast, then the AI News and then directly ZDF Heute.

Many thanks to well over 200 subscribers

I have to admit openly that we simply tried something with this skill without really having great expectations of it. Now a few weeks have passed and well over 200 people have activated the skill. If this goes on, we'll crack the 300 by the end of March.

Now not only the pure subscribers are interesting, but also how often they really hear the skill. Also here I am really impressed, because nearly 90% use the skill almost every day.

As I said, nobody in our team expected such high numbers, because we must not forget that this is a niche of the niche 😉

Because of this, a big thank you from me and on behalf of the whole Pixup Media Team! If you haven't activated the skill yet, you can find it HERE.



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