Like many other sectors, e-commerce is also groaning under an acute shortage of skilled workers. In comparison to other industries, however, e-commerce has a hard time simply because there is no classical training for this subject, nor does a specific course of study fully concentrate on it.

E-commerce can thus be described as an industry of lateral entrants. In a survey by BEVH (Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland), 54% of all e-commerce companies surveyed stated that they can no longer cover their personnel requirements in Germany alone and must recruit from abroad. As a result, tens of thousands of vacancies in German e-commerce agencies are unfilled or misfilled in many respects.

In order to counteract this acute shortage of skilled workers and also the problem of lateral entrants, there will finally be the new training occupation”e-commerce clerk” in the dual training system for the coming training year 2018/19. This long overdue step was presented today on 31.01.2018 by the IHK Berlin and the BEVH. I myself attended this event and would like to share my positive and sometimes very negative impressions. Read more

2017 was a year in which the keyword “chatbot” became more and more a topic and many trade media intensively dealt with the development and also the acceptance of chatbots. Especially in the social media channels this topic has spread rapidly. We as a shopware agency would now like to take a closer look at whether these chatbots are useful within the shopware world.

Let’s start with the basic question of what a chatbot is. Put simply, a chatbot is a dialogue-based communication system with a computer system (chat – bot = chat robot). Means that the user enters a text in a chat window and the computer responds to it.

For a long time, since the first development in 1966 (ELIZA), these chatbots were based on a rule-based system and the input (also called intention) had to correspond exactly to the specification stored in the computer, so that the predefined answer could be played out. If you entered an unknown or incorrect question, the system was not able to answer it. 99.9% of the 100,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger are already rule-based.

Only the development of programmed artificial intelligence has significantly changed this circumstance. With regard to chatbots, this approach of artificial intelligence is also called “Natural Language Processing” (NLU). In this way the bot automatically learns to understand an intention in very different formulations in order to give the correct answer. An autodidactic system with amazing fault tolerance. In contrast to the old system, this takes a lot of frustration away from the user, who can thus reach their goal more quickly. This is exactly where we would like to emphasize the benefits for e-commerce, especially for shopware shop operators.

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Advanced Promotion Suite BannerOn 17.02.2016 it was finally time and Shopware has released its new premium plugin “Advanced Promotion Suite”. Already some days in advance this new module was made available to us for testing and we thought that we would have a quick look at it to publish a small contribution to it. Already after the first “Sichtung” it soon became clear that nothing will happen here quickly, because the plugin is as extensive as hardly any other premium plugin from Shopware. Read more