Advanced Promotion Suite BannerOn 17.02.2016 it was finally time and Shopware has released its new premium plugin “Advanced Promotion Suite”. Already some days in advance this new module was made available to us for testing and we thought that we would have a quick look at it to publish a small contribution to it. Already after the first “Sichtung” it soon became clear that nothing will happen here quickly, because the plugin is as extensive as hardly any other premium plugin from Shopware.

If you don’t know exactly what the “Advanced Promotion Suite” is about yet, here are a few words in advance. As usual with Shopware, this plugin can either be purchased for 495€ or rented for 30€/month. A free test of 30 days is obligatory. From the Shopware Professional Plus license this plugin is of course included. In general terms, the”Advanced Promotion Suite” can be used to create very extensive and customizable voucher and discount promotions. This is due to a very powerful set of rules, which was primarily responsible for the fact that this article could not even be created quickly, otherwise we would not have been able to do justice to this extensive plugin.

For this reason, we have decided not only to show a few functions here, but also to give some examples based on practical experience.

Basic features of Shopware’s Advanced Promotion Suite

If you create a new promotion, you have six different modes to choose from:

  • Shopping Cart: Absolute Discount
  • Shopping Cart: Percentage Discount
  • Products: Absolute discount
  • Products: Percentage discount
  • Buy X get Y for free
  • Free articles

Promotion Modus

Depending on the mode, you have different configuration options. In the 0.g. Screenshot shows some fields from the mode “Buy X get Y for free”. The two free text fields are also particularly interesting. If a text is entered here, it also appears in the frontend for the respective articles.

Promotion Beschreibung

However, the underlying set of rules is very special, which can be understood as an individual filter mechanism. The following screenshot shows the 3 for 2 action for the above example, which is restricted to a specific subcategory.

Promotion Regel 1

Of course, promotions can also be timed and combined with the vouchers available in Shopware. Detailed information about the basic possibilities of the”Advanced Promotion Suite” can be found at Shopware itself. Below we show you some sample promotions that are already being implemented by some of our customers.

Winter sales stopped with a few clicks

The winter is slowly coming to an end and the warehouses have to be sold out. In Germany, winter sales have a long tradition, which many customers always like to wait for. In order to reduce whole categories quickly in Shopware, all items had to be either reduced individually in the backend or worked with CSV import/export. As soon as the action was over, the same work was done again. With the Shopware promotions this is now possible within a few minutes. In our example we wanted to reduce all articles from the category “Fashion” by 10 %.

Cancellation prices are displayed in the frontend as soon as you have configured the default settings for the shop price displays in the plug-in settings of the module.

Advanced Promotion Suite Plugin

In addition to the usual settings for promotions, we can also set whether, for example, voucher codes are allowed here or not. If there is the possibility that one doctorate could overlap with another (MyDealz would be pleased), then this can also be excluded here.

Promotion Winterschlussverkauf Backend 1

Also important, of course, is the set of rules on which articles this promotion should apply. In this very simple example it should be just articles from the categories “Fashion”. Therefore our set of rules looks like in the following screenshot.

Promotion Winterschlussverkauf Backend 2

Once this promotion has been activated, all prices will be cancelled according to our settings and reduced by 10%. In the category it looks like this:

Promotion Winterschlussverkauf

20% discount on shopping baskets over 100€ and with min. 3 articles

Product or category independent shopping cart discounts can also be granted. In the example here we choose as mode “Shopping Cart: Percentage Discount” and make the following settings in the set of rules.

Promotion WK Set

This discount is only visible in the frontend when the customer goes to the shopping cart. Of course, you can also work with the free text fields here, so that your customers already know about this promotion on the product detail page.

Promotion WK Frontend

10% discount on new products (in connection with a product stream)

The comparatively new Shopware product streams can also be combined with the promotions: If we have deposited a product stream for new articles in the shop, then this can be explicitly addressed. To do this, we simply select the product stream in the promotion rules and regulations.

Promotion Neuheiten

Buy 3 pay 2 promotion on high stock items from category XY

Shopware itself declares this plugin as inspired by retail. Admittedly, such 3 for 2 or 2 for 1 actions are well known across industries. As mode “Buy X get Y for free” must be set here. In our example, we only want to roll out this promotion to articles that have at least 10 in stock and come from a specific category. In the backend we have to set the following rules.

Promotion 3 für 2 Backend

This promotion is now automatically activated in the shopping cart as soon as 3 articles are contained that comply with our rules and regulations. The cheapest article is then free.

Promotion 3 für 2 WK

Special discounts for Facebook fans or newsletter recipients

If certain promotions should only be offered for very specific channels, then we can solve this with voucher codes. A promotion can only be activated when a certain voucher code is entered in the shopping basket. This combination allows you, for example, to create a promotion only for your Facebook fans or newsletter recipients. Customers who come to Google via organic search, for example, will then see nothing of this action.

Promotion Gutschein


As already mentioned at the beginning of this article, this new plugin from Shopware is incredibly powerful. The presented functions really only represent a fraction of the possibilities. Therefore you should take your time for this plugin, especially if you are using the free trial version first.

Certainly there are still some suggestions for improvement, which will surely come with time. For example, to limit a promotion to articles with a certain margin, you have to use tricks independently of the plugin and then write the margin in an attribute field so that you can use it again in the promotions. This is a bit cumbersome, but also no leg break.

When we heard the first birds chirping from the roof that Shopware was working on such a plugin, the fear was that it could become relatively easy (e.g. only 3 for 2 actions and the like). But due to the individually adjustable rules for each promotion, this module becomes a very powerful weapon. Thanks to the possibility of connecting with the vouchers, individual channels can also be used for promotions. In summary, Shopware has taken a very big step forward with this module and many shop operators will certainly have their fun with it.

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